Last August (2018) there was a super deal by on Essential PH-1.

An amazing device, a flagship of 2017 at a great price that few -including me- had the luck to get (thanks to Forum).

I purchased the phone (for $223.99) and also it’s 360 Essential camera (for $44.78 ) and also a glass screen protector (for $8.95 ).

Item(s) Subtotal: $277.72
Shipping & Handling: $17.74
Total before tax: $295.46
Import Fees Deposit $48.45
Grand Total: $343.91

Here goes the story from the support ticket on Essential’s website:

Hello from Greece,
Tonight I opened the phone while it was resting on my drawer for 20 days and the April update popped up.
I chose to update it. After about 10 minutes the phone shuts down. I thought it was restarting for update.
Waited some time and nothing happened. The battery level was 87%. I try to open it, nothing happens.
I tried to enter to recovery mode (Power + Volume Down), nothing happens.
I connect it to my PC (Windows with Essential Drivers installed), I hear the sound of connection but nothing happens.

I bought the phone from last August. I’m attaching the invoice (it’s under warranty).
What you suggest me to do?


Their 1st response in matter of minutes! (I’m amazed from this).

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear that your device is not turning on. I’d like to ask a few questions to better help us determine the next steps:

Have you modified your device at all?
Have you installed any new apps lately?
Do you remember the last update you did? If so when?
Has your device suffered any water damage or been dropped?

Also, I’d like to collect a few pieces of information that will help me better address your concern and investigate our best options to move forward. Please reply with the following information:

  1. First and last name:
  2. Full shipping address (no PO Box):
  3. Telephone number:
  4. Photos of the front and back of the device: (attach)
  5. A screenshot of the device’s serial number or a photo of the white information tab inside the SIM compartment: (attach)

Once you have a chance to send the information, a member of the team will get back to you with the next steps. Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope you have a nice day.


Essential Customer Experience Team

My reply with all info requested

Hello Jason and thanks for the quick reply!
I will answer all your questions.

No I haven’t modified the device, it’s with stock ROM (with all the updates OTA month by month).
No, the last update was Google Calendar and other Google apps.
The last complete Software update was March OTA Android update. Was working fine the phone until tonight.
The phone is in pristine condition, no damage, never dropped it’s like new! I take care my devices.

My information is:

Vangelis Makridakis

Phone: +30 xxxxxxxxxx (landline)
Mobile: +30 xxxxxxxxxx

I’m attaching the photos from all sides of phone and the serial number from the SIM tray.

Thank you again for the support, I hope you guys will continue to release such great devices.
Best regards,
Vangelis Makridakis.

Then after an hour or so their response:

Hi Vangelis,

Thank you for your reply. In order to exercise the Limited Warranty for your device, we require an address that is located in either the US or one of the international locations listed in this article—our sales and support does not extend to Greece.

As an alternative, you can send your device to us for warranty services. I have included our mailing address below for you to send your device in.

Mailing address:
Essential Products
Customer Care – Exchange
380 Portage Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Essential will not be liable for any damage that occurs before the device arrives or for lost data, so please make sure that you backup all of your information and carefully package the device for shipment. We would like the phone to be factory reset before it is sent in (if possible), and we also request that the phone is the only item included in the shipment (we do not need the original box, accessories or SIM card).

After the device is received, it will be inspected to verify the warranty status. Once the inspection is complete, we will issue a replacement to a valid US or international address from one of our eligible countries. You will receive an automated order confirmation message and a second message with tracking when the order is processed by the warehouse (typically within one business day of the order confirmation). If the inspection brings about new information to change the warranty status (e.g. physical damage, water damage, etc.), we will contact you.

Let me know if you have any questions about this process, our Support team is happy to assist.



Essential Customer Experience Team

Then my last reply to them before I head over

Hello Jason and Happy Easter for tomorrow.

Unfortunately I’m not willing to send the device with all my data inside (cause I cannot remove it) abroad with the risk of theft/lost and no warranty
to me as customer. Is there any other option really? Can you as vendor, contact and via a confirmation of the issue and order details,
be able to send to me UPS or USPS pre-paid envelope to take the device and either send a replacement or refund honoring the 1 year warranty?

I know it’s complicated but I don’t think there is any other way for me to accept your support offer. The device was working fine until I decided to
update OTA… if there is no recover option on such disaster by a software update, then every phone should be able to open, remove battery or
replace bad chips/components. I tried all methods on your website regarding Recovery, Fastboot and Safe mode button combinations. No luck.
I left the phone on the charger overnight, no signs of life.

Please help.
Thanks again.

Vangelis Makridakis.

I’m waiting for their response, in the mean time, (it’s almost Easter for Catholic Christians and I understand any delay on responses) I contacted

Here is the transcript of the chat I had with some representatives:



Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

Initial Question: Hello there and I wish you happy Easter for tomorrow, I have a problem with my phone I purchased last August from
It’s still under warranty and I’ve already contacted Essential.

01:57 AM PDT Catrina(Amazon): Hello, my name is Catrina. I’m here to help you today. Thank you for being a valuable customer.
01:58 AM PDT Catrina: Thanks in advance. 🙂 Happy Easter too, Vangelis. 🙂
01:58 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: Hello Catrina, the phone “died” after an over the air software update of Android.
01:58 AM PDT Catrina: I’m sorry to know that you received a defective item. I’d be happy to look into this for you and see what we can do.01:59 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: If you want to read the “history” of this issue, I’ve posted earlier, this on Reddit:
01:59 AM PDT Catrina: Is this the item Essential Phone in Halo Gray – 128 GB?
01:59 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: Yes it is.
01:59 AM PDT Catrina: I had gone through your concern and I’m so sorry to hear about this. I feel very unhappy about this happening to a valued customer like you. I’d like to help you right away and change the way you feel about our services.

02:00 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: thank you Catrina
02:00 AM PDT Catrina: You are welcome.
One moment while I check this for you.
02:00 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: ok
02:00 AM PDT Catrina: Thank you.
02:03 AM PDT Catrina: Thanks for waiting.
I’ve already checked my available resources to help you with this but we have a dedicated team to handle this concern and they will be the perfect person to further assist you in regards with this concern. Let me connect you to our team. It will only take just a moment.​

02:03 AM PDT Aasheesh(Amazon): Hello, my name is Aasheesh. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
02:04 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: Hello Aasheesh, of course.
02:05 AM PDT Aasheesh: I see that the return window is expired
In that case, I request you to contact the manufacturer
02:06 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: I already did, read the info provided in the above link from Reddit post I made please.
02:08 AM PDT Aasheesh: I request you to send the phone to them
They will fix it for you
02:09 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: This is my concern (copy paste from this post on Reddit):
Unfortunately I’m not willing to send the device with all my data inside (cause I cannot remove it) abroad with the risk of theft/lost and no warranty to me as customer. Is there any other option really? Can you as vendor, contact and via a confirmation of the issue and order details,
be able to send to me UPS or USPS pre-paid envelope to take the device and either send a replacement or refund honoring the 1 year warranty?02:10 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: This is what I wrote some hours ago to Jason (Essential official support).
02:12 AM PDT Pratheesh(Amazon): Hello, my name is Pratheesh. I’m sorry your previous chat disconnected. I will try and pick up where you left off.
02:12 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: As a customer I know how warranties work. I purchase online since 2000 from abroad. Since Amazon ships this phone to E.U. and I paid import taxes, must be a solution for this warranty/return claim of a device that it is defective. Either from the manufacturer or the seller/reseller since it’s not a bad use by user involved.
02:13 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: Hello Pratheesh.
02:14 AM PDT Pratheesh: I understand your concern.I’m sorry for that.02:14 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: thanks
02:14 AM PDT Pratheesh: Essential Phone in Halo Gray – 128 GB Unlocked Titanium and Ceramic phone with Edge-to-Edge Display
02:15 AM PDT Pratheesh:
Return window already expired on: October 5, 2018

02:15 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: Please, read the history of this chat… I know this.
02:18 AM PDT Pratheesh: As every customer know, Amazon only offer 30 days return window for any sold on Amazon.comOne it past returns window, customer should contact manufacturer for repair, refund, replacement or warranty claim

02:20 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: I know but since sells something that the manufacturer cannot support to the buyers country, must be another way for the customer to be supported, I think this is fair.
02:20 AM PDT Pratheesh:
02:21 AM PDT Pratheesh:
02:21 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: I’ve already opened a ticket and I’ve discussed with their support.
02:22 AM PDT Pratheesh: If the manufacturer unable to help, please get a service denial letter from manufacturer so that we cannot take an action on this order
02:23 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: They are able to help the customers who are located in US, UK, France. sold this to Greece, where I’m located.
02:23 AM PDT Pratheesh: Please get a service denial letter from manufacturer
02:24 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: If I get this letter, what can I do after?
02:26 AM PDT Pratheesh: If get the letter, we’ll discuss with our supervisor to make an exception and create return label for this item
02:27 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: OK, so I contact them and ask for this and see what can be done. Can we open a ticket or something for this transcript to remain as a history of the issue?
02:27 AM PDT Pratheesh: This chat gets saved on your account. Next rep can read this
02:28 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: OK, thanks for the advise Pratheesh, happy Easter for tomorrow (if you’re Christian of course)
02:28 AM PDT Pratheesh: Happy Easter to your Freinds & Family too
02:29 AM PDT Pratheesh: Is there anything else I could assist you with?
02:29 AM PDT Vangelis Makridakis: Thank you, not for now. Thanks for you time all of you who participated on this chat. Greetings from Greece.
02:29 AM PDT Pratheesh: Thank you again for contacting Amazon chat support. If you still have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you: We are always at your service, available 24/7, to turn the things around for you. Have a wonderful day! Bye Bye!!Thank you.

Now let’s hope there is a solution on this situation…

Happy Easter to all,

I’ll keep updating this post for future reference online (if it helps).



Essential received the dead PH-1 I sent them with my own expenses with DHL (cost €35), inspected it and issued a replacement. They didn’t had Halo Gray anymore in stock and they let me choose among Black and White, I chose White.
They couldn’t ship to Greece, therefor I gave an address of a friend I have in Florida, then he shipped it to me with USPS. The replacement was refurbished as they said but I think it was new. There was no mark or anything that could suspect a previous use of it. It came in a single phone box, sealed as the original one but without any extra. The only thing now is that all my accessories are black and the phone is white, but nonetheless I’m happy with the result and the Essential Support and honoring the warranty.

So, whoever happens to get a dead phone after a common Android update, I suggest to contact to Essential Support and let them know how to help.