The last couple of years there are many faithful Apple users who are disappointed of Apple’s direction changes on many levels and markets. Apple’s choice to invest on Apple Watch and iOS devices instead of Macs and Professional software (once upon the time was a leader into), has transformed it’s faithful professionals to seek other solutions. For example, Aperture became Lightroom, Finalcut became Premier, Shake disappeared, Motion remained the same for 4 years. DVD Studio Pro doesn’t exist. And so on regarding the Software.

Hardware wise, Mac Pro from 2013 is a joke for expand-ability, stability and rigid built compared to Mac Pro from 2012 and earlier (Mac Pros 1,1 to 5,1).
Apple Displays is a non-existent joke today.
iMac is more of a Laptop on a stand instead of a Desktop replacement (power-wise and upgrade-ability).
MacBook Pros after the 2011 models are more like a huge iPad with keyboard attached. The upcoming ones (September 2016 models) will be exactly this. Instead of a lightning port will have 3-4 USB Type C ports and nothing more!

Apple’s design department is stuck. They try to innovate creating watch bands, emoji’s and Stores. It’s all about the masses nowdays, the lifestyle masses.

The cult of Mac is no more.
Farewell to all the old users who still have faith on each Keynote to listen to “One more thing” as Steve Jobs used to say before unveiling a magical product or update to hardware or software.

I still have hope for change of path but it’s difficult anymore. If Apple remains like it is now, Chinese manufacturers who follow Apple’s root manifests and faith to it’s users, will become what Apple was until 2010. A huge user base of professionals and new users meeting Apple’s hardware after owning an iPod or iPhone. I see brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, One X etc. to take over and change the technology of tomorrow. Apple will remain still for 5-8 years on it’s brand new Campus and then new minds will take over and follow the path Apple lost after Steve’s death.